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Hand pressed masa tortillas --- House Fermented Hot Sauces
Bold Favors --- Local Ingredients
Cauliflower Tacos

Tacos All Day


What sets us apart is the innovative combination of traditional and unexpected flavor profiles, creating a unique culinary experience. From our fresh made masa tortillas, perfectly seasoned meats & vegetables to the handpicked, vibrant toppings, our goal is to redefine the standard. Our tacos bring a fresh, new spin to the Hudson Valley scene.

Spice it Up

Our Hot Sauce

The secret lies in our meticulous sourcing of premium ingredients, ensuring a rich and nuanced profile that elevates any dish. Whether you crave a fiery kick or a subtle warmth, our hot sauce is a testament to the art of spice, delivering an unforgettable experience that enhances the flavors without overwhelming the senses.

Hot Sauce
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